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Confessions - Vyznání

Bella Valentina

Od 8. 1. 2018 do 28. 2. 2018


I’m an American/Belgian artist living in Brno, Czech Republic, in love with Abstract Expressionism and all things texture.


I enjoy doing what feels right, following the intuitive stream.


I draw inspiration from both educational and life experiences. Schooled in philosophy and education, I bring my curiosity, imagination, and desire for self-exploration. Additionally, being a multilingual American and European as well as having lived in California, Belgium, Italy, and the Czech Republic lend a unique perspective.


I found my technique and style through Intuitive Art. Influenced by the freedom of Abstract Expressionism and my desire to create texture, I developed emotional expression onto a variety of canvases, wooden to traditional, using a limitless blend of collaging, acrylics, and unorthodox tools. Each piece is an expression of feeling and although conscious decisions are made along the way, always begin without goal in mind. It can best be described as melting into the moment without thought, entering a transcendental state.


Bella Valentina




Valentine Roter-Svihalek 




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